It’s Time To Sniff

Written by on March 14, 2012 in Chicago Cubs, Spring Training - No comments

There is an important process going on with the Cubs in Arizona right now. And anyone who has a dog, or knows anything about them, can understand it better by sticking with me through a rather strange, yet relevant, analogy.

Whenever my dog goes out for a walk, I put him on a leash, as I’m required to do here in Chicago. Anytime he sees another dog, they both may growl a little bit, but they’ll immediately begin performing their funny-looking dog ritual: they sniff each other’s asses. They’re finding out what they can about the other dog. People do similar things, but without the crudeness of sticking their noses into another person’s backside. Maybe it takes the form of Googling someone, or finding out what’s on a LinkedIn profile, or seeing what clubs someone belongs to or what hobbies the person might have. But we all do this, in some form or fashion.

This new Cubs team is also doing something similar. At this moment, they’re taking the measure of each other as teammates, and that’s a healthy step. Some of the older guys, who maybe didn’t feel like they needed to do any sniffing, and certainly didn’t want to be sniffed by anyone else, are gone now. The new guys—and the veterans that still remain—will have to do some sniffing to find out how they can play together and win this year. They’ve got about a month left to get it sorted out, and then they take to the field for real.

I wish that we could skip the sniffing part and proceed right to meaningful games, but it’s too important of a process to leave out. So sniff away, guys, and learn what you can about your teammates, in order to win ballgames and thus make us all happy over the next few months.


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