Not The Year To Bet On The Cubs

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Depending on which site you go for your (legal) online betting, you might find the Cubbies anywhere from 25-1 all the way to 40-1 to win the World Series. Either way, I’d hold onto that $100 because I don’t think this is the year. While the Cubs may have gotten Theo Epstein, and Dale Sveum, which I feel are both smart long term decisions, they are clearly rebuilding and I think their best years are two to three years away. The three favorites to win the World Series are, shockingly, the Philadelphia Phillies (11/2), the Los Angeles Angels (13/2), and the New York Yankees (13/2).

When it comes winning the National League Pennant the Cubs chances are no better, coming in at 22/1. In fifth to last place they are the last team to be in the 20’s before the odds drop to the New York Mets at 40/1. So there’s a positive. If the Cubs make the playoffs in 2012 it would be a pleasant surprise, so once again keep your $100 on this bet too. The three leading teams are the Philadelphia Phillies (9/4), San Francisco Giants (15/2), and three teams tied at 9/1, Atlanta Braves, Cincinnati Reds and Miami Marlins.

A much friendlier bet is win total over under bet. The Cubs opened last Sunday at 74.5, and you might be able to find it at 75.5, depending on what site you use. Unfortunately, though, this is an easy one too. Take the under. I know we all like to be optimistic and by taking the under you could find yourself rooting for a loss come August and September. This year I don’t foresee that problem. I think a more realistic win total for the Cubs this year is 70, which should be looked at as improvement, and that’s what you want when you’re rebuilding.

So if you’re thinking “if I can’t bet on my Cubbies what should I do,” there are a couple of options. If you want to play it safe and not risk having to root for the Cardinals or Brewers, jump over to the AL where you can find a bargain in the Detroit Tigers at 8/1 to win the World Series. Even without Victor Martinez that lineup is going to do some damage in a weak AL Central and with their streaky pitching could get hot in October. If you want to stay out of those hated rivals and stick with the National League I’d go with Atlanta. They’re at 9/1 to win the NL Pennant and I think that is a very possible outcome for a young team that got tired last year down the stretch. With another year under their belt you can expect a lot more from this team and don’t expect the same crash and burn that happened last to year to happen again.

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